We are a passionate company with a big knowledge about development and production of the best and most innovative supplements for horses. when you decide to buy products from Urtefarm you get expert knowledge as a bonus.

We always use ingredients of the highest quality and all out products are Danish and produced from scratch. We harvest our own seaweed in the Danish waters and a large part of our herbs are grown and harvested in Denmark. we have great experience with handling and preparing the herbs so all of the active nutrients are best preserved.

All of Urtefarm’s product range for horses is based on a significant knowledge about herbs. We have experience with everything from techniques, preparation to insights about useful qualities that the herbs have. We also have great knowledge about the horses’ digestive system, their needs for tracers, essential fatty and amino acids. Our knowledge is reflected in all of the products that we produce. Many of Urtefarms’ products contain a range of other natural and beneficial ingredients. The different ingredients supplement each other well, which gives effective products that benefits the horses.

Our knowledge ensures great quality products and you can always find a product that supports the needs of your horse.

We collaborate with a range of researchers and specialists in Denmark and other countries. Our big network of veterinarians, customers and suppliers all over the world allow us to develop and produce unique products. We also focus on a serious and qualified guidance about our products and their benefits.

Our values

We take pride in offering our customers locally produced products of high quality, as well as a high level of knowledge. We wish to contribute with products that can be used for different challenges that horses experience and the overall health of the horses.